Arrests over school break-in that left hundreds of fish dead


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Three youths have been arrested on suspicion of vandalism and burglary at a school in California.

Sixth-grade teacher Julie Wallace discovered the crime when she arrived at La Cañada Elementary School on April 29. Her classroom was one of four targeted by the vandals. There was spray paint over the walls and desks and fizzy drink had been poured into the fish tanks, leaving hundreds of fish dead.

One of the class turtles had also been covered in green enamel spray paint on its shell, legs and face — while another turtle was missing.

Three youths, reported to be of middle-school age (11-14) were arrested on Friday, May 31. They cannot be named, due to their ages.

The stolen turtle has also been returned to the school, and although the Lompoc Record reports that the animal is "not in the healthiest state," it's still eating.

This was the third time Ms Wallace's classroom has been broken into in as many years, with previous incidents also involving the theft of classroom pets.

The fish tanks were taken home by Ms Wallace and thoroughly cleaned following the break-in, although at the moment she says she's unsure whether they will be returned to the school.

Her classroom still has two aquariums — five of the fish are survivors of the incident.

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