Aquatic retailers: Nominate your top staff for a special PFK award


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It's time to let your aquatic retail staff know how much you value them...

Practical Fishkeeping has just launched its 2017 Readers’ Poll to find the UK’s best aquatic shops. But this year we’d like to take it a step further and ask the retailers to tell us about their amazing shop staff for a new PFK award. 

If you have a member of your retail team who you think really deserves recognition, we want you to let us know. Maybe they’re super-knowledgeable in their field, have decades of experience, or go above and beyond what’s expected of them. Perhaps they’re talented aquascapers, amazing with customers, or a whizz when it comes to your social media pages. Whatever makes them the best, we want to hear about it.

Send us an email with up to 500 words and a photo of the member of staff concerned, explaining why you want to nominate them. Feel free to include any customer feedback. From these, we’ll draw up a shortlist, and we may even feature some of them in-mag or online. 

We’ll then want to speak to those who make it onto the shortlist — either over the phone or in person — as well as the individual who nominated them. This should give us the additional information we need to help us decide the PFK aquatic salesperson of the year, which will be announced in a forthcoming issue of the magazine. There will be prizes for both the winner and the runner-up.

Send your emails to with the subject of ‘top shop staff’.

The closing date is August 17, 2017.