Aqua One launches Radiance 3 modular LED light


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Another new LED is to hit the UK market, this time from Aqua One.

Following on from the Radiance light we covered in PFK last year, the new Radiance 3 is a modular version claiming to deliver benchmark PAR readings and the specific spectral qualities need by corals.

With 20 Cree LEDs in total, each module carries a mixture of 2 x 3700K warm white XP-Gs,  6 x 5000K Neutral white XP-Gs, 4 x 470-480nm Blue XP-Es and 8x 450-455nm Royal Blue XP-Es.

The four channels can be independently dimmed and programmed to achieve your preferred spectrum and a wireless remote control allows auto and manual settings, including sunrise, sunset, cud cover and moonlight functions.

Buy a master unit and it comes with remote, mounting brackets and suspension kit, and Aqua One reckon a single module is suitable to illuminate either their 195 or 275 AquaReef aquariums, two for the 300 and 400 models and 3 for the 500 litre model.

The unit uses fan cooling and in terms of looks, especially when multiple units are fitted to the suspension kit, (if you squint hard) you could mistake them for EcoTech's Radions for a split second.

Using quality Cree LEDs does make this a definite contender to compete against brands and models which would have previously been classed as more premium, so we eagerly await any user feedback.

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