Angelfish v. Predator?


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In the age of recession as money becomes increasingly worthless, one entrepreneurial hobbyist has found a new trading niche, says Nathan Hill.

Sci-fi has traditionally been, and forever shall be a viable source of currency in some circles, and with finger on the pulse, a private seller in the UK has decided to offer his beloved, full sized Predator head in exchange for a fish tank.

The bust, a resin lump with a cold fixed stare and mandibles on show, is valued at up to £300 by hardline sci-fi dealers, although in the rockier world of comic geeks, the seller is prepared to accept as low as £150, or straight swap for a quality 3' or larger aquarium.

It is undisclosed as to whether the set-up needs to come with fish, but hardware is a must. Suspicions are that the tank will be used to create a 'Dutch' aquarium.

No mention is made of any breeding traps or fry rearing equipment, which leads us at PFK to suspect that he aint got time to breed.

The only catch, if it is seen as such, is that for a creature that is able to master intergalactic travel, this beast seems unable to transport itself to your home. The head is available for collection only, which provides a nice opportunity to drop off the aquarium, which appears to be the other condition of sale.

It is not clear if collection needs to be made by helicopter at night, by a rescue team listening to 'Long Tall Sally', but this would be recommended.

You can check out the head firsthand at Aquarist Classifieds.

Serious swaps only.