51 reasons to visit Aquatics Live this weekend


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It's not too late to buy a ticket online, or just turn up and pay on the day. The UK's best ever aquatic show is fast approaching so please show your support for the hobby and come along to London's Olympia this weekend.

Heiko Bleher headlines the event, along with marine expert Simon Garratt, Freshwater invertebrate expert Chris Lukhaup, aquascaper George Farmer, Discus expert Mark Evenden and health expert and Tetra consultants Dave Hulse and Dave Wolfenden.

Feast your eyes on aquascaping displays (picture above by George Farmer), a touch pool, reef tank, paludarium displays and planted tanks. Put your questions to the experts on the Ask the Experts panel and have the chance to win a prize on the PFK stand.

Bring the kids and let them try aquscaping, colouring in and drawing fish, or be inspired to keep fish by the many simple to set up and maintain nano tanks.

Join a fishkeeping club and speak to experts in their field. See the best of Discus, goldfish, Guppies, cichlids, Koi and furnished aquariums.

Buy fishkeeping equipment from Coventry Aquatics, Maidenhead Aquatics, Aquajardin, and The Aquatic Design Centre, and speak direct to manufacturers like Tetra, Reef One, Eheim, JBL and TMC.

For more info go to the Aquatics Live website, and we all look forward to seeing you at the show.

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