£20,000 worth of fish stolen from Bradford shop


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Hundreds of goldfish and Koi worth an estimated £20,000 were stolen last Tuesday (July 17) during a break-in at a shop in Bradford.

It's thought that the thieves gained entry to the Newlyn Pets store on Whitehall Road in Wyke, after disabling a sensor on a burglar alarm.

Over 460 Koi and 30 Chinese goldfish were taken in the raid, including a 75cm/30" Koi valued at £10,000, which had belonged to the owner of the shop for over 20 years. The goldfish are valued at between £30 and £300 each.

Gary Smith, chairman of the Professional Koi Dealers Association told Bradford Telegraph that he thought the fish would have been stolen to order, rather than to sell on the open market.

He said: "The fish may have a high value attached to them but they are only worth what someone will pay for them.

"The fact that they have been stolen will reduce their value. Most Koi dealers wouldn’t buy in secondhand Koi because of the risk of infection."

Police have appealed for witnesses and information from anyone who may have been offered the fish for sale or who knows where they might be.

Anyone with information is asked to call Spen Neighbourhood Policing team on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

The owner of Newlyn Pets did not wish to comment.

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