Practical Fishkeeping Aquarist Diploma

Welcome to the Practical Fishkeeping Aquarist Diploma

Each week, over a five-day period, we’ll be taking you through one basic but essential area of the hobby, covering water quality and chemistry, filtering and the nitrogen cycle, fish physiology and habitat, disease management, and aquarium husbandry and management in turn. We’ll post up a new part of each module daily from Monday to Friday, until all five modules are covered.

At the end of the five weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to take a test to see if you qualify for the Practical Fishkeeping Aquarist Diploma. By that point, you’ll have read through and had time to ingest all of the information from the modules — there’ll even be a short ‘practice questionnaire’ to get to grips with before the proper test. Make sure you're signed up to receive our e-newsletters, as these will contain some essential revision tips each week. If you're not, register HERE.

Learn and win prizes!

Each week, you'll also have the chance to win either an API Freshwater Master Test Kit or tub of Aquarian Tropical and Temperate Flake Food, plus lots of other goodies from our sponsor! Plus, keep an eye out for the grand prize competition at the end of the diploma.

So, grab a notepad and pencil, grab a hot drink (all the best studying takes place with a cup of tea or coffee) and teach yourself a thing or two about fishkeeping!



Revising part four: Disease management

Revision questions and answers for week four's disease management module.

Revising part five: Maintenance and husbandry

Revision questions and answers for week five's maintenance and husbandry module.

Practical Fishkeeping Diploma - Take the test

Have you read all of the modules, and revised as much as possible? Then you're probably ready to take the test to gain…