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With its smart, curvy 'pipe' design, this is the diffuser Sherlock Holmes would have plumped for, says Nathan Hill. It's sleek, different and surprisingly simple.

The stainless metal makes a nice alternative to the flimsy glassware I’ve systematically smashed my way through these last 12 months, without any compromising on looks.

The 'cup' of the device unscrews, offering easy access to the ceramic disc held in place by a surrounding rubber seal. You might want to give the seal a quick once over with some silicone lubricant prior to use as, if it has a touch of play when constructed it can just slip out a little stream of gas from the edge. Aside that, the seals seem pretty good, sending the gas out of the right holes.

There’s a choice of sizes, though I’ve opted for a 35cm/14” tall model. Shorter is available if needed.

The only thing I think is missing is a supplied sucker and holder combo, so you need to improvise. That’s no hardship as there are plenty of loose suckers and grips available, but it would have been nice to have something that matched.


It’s safer and cleans easier than glass, it’s smarter than a tailored suit and it delivers just like any other quality in-tank diffuser. Probably not the cheapest, but it quickly pays for itself if you break glassware as frequently as I do.

Price: TBC; from

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