Corydoras cruziensis


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Ian Fuller on the rarely seen Corydoras cruziensis - formerly known as C12.

Scientific name: Corydoras cruziensis

Origin: Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Beni. Cochabamba and Beni drainage, widely distributed.

Water: A species that is fairly tolerant of water conditions, but ideally it should be soft and acidic. pH 5.5 - 7.0 Hardness, dGH 2 - 12

Size: A small species growing to no more than 45 mm standard length, males a little smaller than females.

Aquarium: The ideal aquarium set up for this species would be pretty standard for most Corydoradinae species, with the exception that this is a small species and does not need a great deal of room. A well-planted aquarium with a fine smooth grained substrate, a few rocks and pieces of bogwood would complete the picture.

Diet: In nature feeds on small insect larvae, shrimps, crustaceans and. In aquaria they will accept crushed flake, tablet, and small frozen foods. Small live foods such as brine shrimp, grindle worm, Cyclops and sifted Daphnia would really keep them in tiptop condition.

Notes: A newly described species, possibly the first time it has been available in the UK, and has been successfully bred under aquarium conditions both in the UK and Germany. Formally known in the hobby under the C-number C12.

Identification: Quite a distinctive species with a similar colour pattern to that of Corydoras punctatus from Suriname. It differs in that it is smaller and has fewer, larger more defined spotting.

Availability: Imported by Neil Woodward and available at Pier Aquatics, Wigan, Lancashire, (01942-2366617).

Price: 9.50

Ian Fuller