Easy Aqua CO2 Atomiser from Aqua Essentials

Nathan Hill checks out a sturdy piece of kit for the planted tank enthusiast.

For the plant fan who wants the best delivery from CO2 injection, these fine atomisers are the way forward. It’s all well and good spending several thousand on various computers, regulators and exotic glassware, but if what comes out in the tank is a big, gloopy bubble that races to the top and clears off then it’s all been for nothing.

Basically, the diffuser is a fine ceramic chunk connected to a sucker and a threaded airline connector to ensure a secure fit. The pressure behind the CO2 delivery needs to be big, so forget any canister that relies on slow release CO2 from booze, yeast or dangerous mixes of bases and acids. You’ll need a good source from a pressurised canister, and then it’ll work.

These atomisers do what they say, and they produce incredibly fine bubbles. This obviously increases the contact time of the bubble, allowing the gas to diffuse into the water, making gas injection more efficient. In fact, since using this item on a 30 l/6.5 gal nano set up that I have, I’ve had to drastically reduce the amount of CO2 going in from three bubbles every two seconds to one bubble every two seconds, such is the amount of gas constantly in suspension around the tank.

For me, the big benefit is the sturdiness. Having now broken my way through a few types of CO2 glassware, it’s nice to have something that I know isn’t going to suddenly blast off at the connection and shatter. As we all know, there’s nothing more enjoyable that trying to find broken glass in a densely planted aquarium.

There are two sizes available, both for the same price. The small is rated for 125 l./28 gal. and the large for up to 250 l./55 gal. I’d probably shave 20% off of those estimates.

Price: £12.99 for either size. Available from Aqua Essentials.

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