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Welcome to the Practical Fishkeeping Aquatic School.

Each month for the next five issues, we’ll be taking you through a basic but essential area of the hobby. Each of these areas will be broken down into key topics, and then stripped back to the bare essentials, giving you the chance to absorb essential, individual points without being overwhelmed. If you’re not academically gifted, do not panic — the course focuses only on the bare basics of fishkeeping, and we promise not to bamboozle you with confusing charts or long, esoteric formulae. As the course develops, you’ll see that some sections draw upon knowledge covered in previous issues, helping you to build up a comprehensive picture of the way all the different strands of fishkeeping connect. At the end of the five months, you’ll have the opportunity to take a test to see if you qualify for the Practical Fishkeeping Diploma. There’s no additional cost to take the test, and you don’t need to buy any extra study materials — all the information you’ll need will be included here, in the pages of Practical Fishkeeping. Anyone can take it — there are no requirements for previous training or experience, although it’ll obviously be a great help if you keep an aquarium of your own. After successful completion of the test, you’ll receive your formal Fishkeeping Diploma!

The next five issues of Practical Fishkeeping will be your study handbooks, in which we will teach you all you need to pass the exam and achieve your diploma! Here's your study guide for the next five months...

October issue - out 30th August - Water quality and chemistry

November issue - out 27th September - Filtration

Decemeber issue - out 25th October- Physiology and habitat

January issue - out 22nd November - Disease management

February issue - out 20th December - Aquarium management and husbandry