Predator Aquatics LTD

St. Helens, United Kingdom, WA11 9DE

Here at Predator Aquatics we specialize in high grade tropical fish specimens, were possible we will always strive to provide you with wild caught, F1 or F2 specimens we generally won't accept anything lower in quality from our import suppliers! All live stock is held in quarantine for 7 days before sale to ensure the full health and diet of the specimen is in great order!

Rare species and wild / f1 Cichlid's, Rays, Arrowana, Gars, Catfish, a specialty. Community fish also available with weekly imports. U.K Bred Cichlids from our adult wild pairs and from hobbyist breeders based in the UK. Bespoke Aquariums to order, extensive range of dry goods and pond hardware, foods and accessories. New Premises opening in coming weeks to increase our capacity for more stock.

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104 Parbold Avenue, St. Helens, United Kingdom, wa11 9de