Fish Treatment Ltd

Ringwood, United Kingdom, BH24 9ED

The specialist company set up by veterinarian Dr Fiona Macdonald BVMS MRCVS to develop and supply professional medicines for freshwater and marine fish.

Fluke-Solve® and Lice-Solve® are the well-established leading products in our range, and are both very easy to use because of the special Fish Treatment formulation – simply ‘Rip, Tip and Stir’. 

Our focus is on researching treatments particularly for fish parasites such as Flukes, Lice and intestinal worms. 
Fish Treatment Ltd works in conjunction with Vetark Products Ltd and offers their fish medicine range too.

Trade and overseas enquiries welcome – just contact us for further information.

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PO Box 7210, Ringwood, United Kingdom, BH24 9ED