Ely Aquatics and Reptiles

Ely, United Kingdom, CB7 4GS

Ely Aquatics and Reptiles caters for all levels of fishkeeping in Ely and Cambridgeshire.

We specialise in helping beginners as it is often those who end up in trouble, losing their fish, and giving up the fish keeping hobby. We aim to provide help and support at all levels to minimise fish loss and loss on the pocket. We have friendly, knowledgeable, approachable staff, with plenty of fishkeeping experience.  

We hold a variety of stock and anything that we do not have we can generally special order for you within a couple of weeks. All of our fish at Ely Aquatics and Reptiles are imported and quarantined in our own dedicated facilities on site, so that we can provide you with stronger, healthier, and fitter livestock.

We take pride in our livestock, and it is treated as if it were our own until it is bought. Come and visit us soon.

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The Dock, Ely, United Kingdom, CB7 4GS
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