Eastbourne Aquarium & Reptile Centre

Eastbourne, United Kingdom, BN21 3PP

Celebrating over 50 years trading in Eastbourne we have been described as an "Aladdin's cave of exotic fish, reptiles, and other unusual pets".

Eastbourne Aquarium and Reptile Centre was established in 1969  and is family business run by James and Andrew Lock.

We have an extensive range of dry goods and livestock. With over 70 aquariums and 40 vivariums we stock a wide range of Marines, Corals, Tropical, Coldwater, Koi, Lizards, Snakes, Spiders and amphibians.

We also cater for those who like their fish on the large size and often have many "Tank Busters" on show.

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Seaside Road, Eastbourne, United Kingdom, BN21 3PP
Eastbourne Aquarium & Reptile Centre Gallery