Win a £52.66 ‘wafers and bites’ bundle from Hikari!


We’ve teamed up with aquarium food pioneer Hikari to offer you the chance of winning a food bundle with a retail value of £52.66.

First in the bundle is a 250g packet of Hikari Algae Wafers, as recommended in this month’s Phantom pleco feature on page 12. These fast-sinking disks of food have been crafted especially for plecostomus and other algae-eating bottom feeders, and are rich in natural green algae.


Next is a 280g packet of Hikari Vibra Bites. These sinking morsels look just like bloodworm and are great at feeding finicky feeders like cichlids and catfish. Not only do they come without the pathogen risks of real bloodworm, but they also have a much higher protein content than the real thing! Packed with quality ingredients, like silkworm pupae and astaxanthin, you can be assured of good growth and strong colours for your fish.


Third in the bundle is a 100g packet of Hikari Sinking Wafers. These soft wafers have been specially designed for bottom dwellers with downturned mouths, and remain a firm favourite for catfish, loaches and other bottom feeders. The flavourful and aromatic blend of ingredients is enough to tempt even the fussiest of feeders.


Last in the bundle is a 20g packet of Hikari Micro Wafers. These slow-sinking disks are rich in colour-enhancing spirulina and astaxanthin and are a firm favourite for mid-sized fish like larger tetras, livebearers, catfish and cichlids. The inclusion of high-grade marine and vegetable proteins aids digestion, resulting in less waste!

We have ten bundles to give away! To be in with the chance of winning, simply answer the question correctly and leave your details!

Closing date: 03/07/2019

This competition is now closed.

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