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Advertising Feature Aquahome aquatic centre is an award winning store based in Leyland and is the North West winner in the Practical Fish keeping Readers Poll 2012. With free parking and onsite Café and garden centre, it really is a worth the trip.

Aquahome stocks a wide range of Tropical, Discus, Cichlids, Marine, Corals, Inverts, Pond and Coldwater fish species. With the most up to date filtration systems and huge amount of perfectly clean display aquariums, you can be assured of only the best quality livestock around.

In addition to the massive selection of livestock, Aquahome also boats a very extensive range of dry goods from all reputable brands from starter kit tanks to sophisticated marine and pond equipment. They also have a dedicated aquarium display room where you can see most types of aquariums with live wet displays.

Marine specialists amongst all other areas of aquatics, there marine selection of livestock and dry goods is second to none with expert advise from friendly and helpful staff. They can help the most absolute beginner to the hobby or even the fish enthusiast!

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Aqua Home

Avant Garden Centre
Wigan Road
PR25 5XW
Telephone: 01772 623 497
Aqua Home

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