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Romsey World of Water Ltd.

Advertising Feature Romsey World of Water was founded in 1984 and is one of the most successful aquatic centres in the country. Offering a vast range of coldwater, tropical and marine livestock alongside a full range of equipment to cover all your aquatic requirements. We haven’t forgotten about our furry friends either, and you can find all you need for your pets' everyday needs.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our livestock with Koi sourced from selected Japanese breeders, marine and tropical livestock from sustainable sources. The husbandry of our livestock is our highest priority. Aquatic plants are also our speciality, with a wide selection and some exclusive varieties all sourced from UK growers.
At Romsey World of Water we specialise in every area of our business. Therefore you will find our staff experienced and very knowledgeable across all our key disciplines, so we provide you with the very best service, in store on the phone or over the internet.
Our site is situated within the Test Valley, a beautiful part of the Hampshire countryside. The Water Garden Café is an excellent place to set yourself up for the day. Our one acre lake is teeming with wildlife throughout the year and packed with hungry fish and ducks waiting to be fed.
If you are creating a garden pond, water feature or just looking to improve your outdoor space, our array of display gardens provide inspiration. Our range of statuary, monoliths, rock and aggregates means you can add a unique finish to your project.

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Romsey World of Water Ltd.

93 Great Bridge Road
SO51 0HB
Telephone: 01794515923

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"Excellent store, friendly knowledgable staff and clean tidy environment"

Posted by: lorddwyer
Date: Monday December 3rd, 2012, 11:01 am

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